Andy's "Pride & Joy", 1966 JD 110 and 80 lawn cart. There is a really fantastic story about this cart. Read more . .

The Bolens Estate Keeper. We actually bought three of these. One for our collection, One for Tim, and one for parts.

This is a Bolens that was started by the late Gene niessen. It has been extended and painted to look like a Minneapolis Moline tractor. If you ask Andy "Why?" He'll tell you "Just for the Hell of it!"

This unique custom built piece came to our collection from an auction in Loophole, IL.

The Red E was purchased at the 2012 Tractor Show.

AJ has been involved in our Garden Tractor Hobby Since he was about a year old!

This is the CubDeere and dual steering wagon. The garden tractor is on a Cub frame with JD sheet metal, built for pulling. The wagon is made to look like a barge wagon with lumber from Grandma Meiner's house.

This 1963 Pennsylvania Panzer is Lisa's Part of the collection.

The two Bolen's Minneapolis Molines. Custom paint and decals.

Andy and his John Deere 110 Industrial and mini Hayrack.

AJ's First Tractor a 1963 Pennsylvania Panzer. Restored with his Dad and Tim in 2010.

The Economy, or as AJ calls it, The Academy.

This loader came from the Bloomington IL area. It is Tim & Andy's latest project. Thanks for the help installing it, Brian Heldt

AJ's Bolens Husky with plow, wheel weights and chains. It is a plowing machine!

Andy wanted to have this one painted up to look like the 1/16 scale John Deere.